Specialist Law Firm

Roadtrafficlaw is a specialist law firm representing clients from across Scotland.

Led by Scotland’s “Mr Loophole” Graham Walker, the team are based in the Skypark Management Hub. Roadtrafficlaw was the first firm in Scotland to offer specialist legal representation in all road traffic cases such as dangerous driving, speeding and careless driving etc. The team provide first-class specialist legal advice to clients who are faced with losing their licence.

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Why Skypark? We chose Skypark for its location and because it provides discrete and easy access for our clients. We deal with many high profile clients from the world of sport and celebrity clients and they need to know that their cases can be handled without the fear of the paparazzi ambushing them at our law office!

We are proud to be based here in an exciting commercial environment with other successful businesses and we are happy to offer a 10% discount to all Skypark residents if they ever need our legal services.