We are an employment law and health & safety consultancy helping Scottish businesses meet legal obligations whilst acting as their outsourced HR department. We look after the employment law affairs of thousands of businesses in Scotland by providing bespoke HR documentation from employee contracts to employment handbooks, we also offer a full 24 hour advice service providing bespoke advice to employers and managers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which is indemnified offering peace of mind should a business unfortunately be taken to employment tribunal.

As an employment law and health & safety consultancy we already service over 11,000 Scottish businesses but by being based in Scotland we being based at Skypark offers us the opportunity to employ local expertise, people who know the industry and will understand the HR and legal obligations that our Scottish clients face daily.

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Why Skypark? Skypark offers us a central location that allows us to geographically allows us to be closer to our clients, it also means that our consultants can visit businesses much easily. Also Skypark offers our own staff state of the art offices facilities which I know our staff will love.

Alan Price, Managing Director of Peninsula Scotland