Animation Studio

Axis and our sister companies Flaunt and axisVFX have been expanding over the last 5 years. When we grew to over ninety people in 2012 we knew it was time to look for a studio space that was more directly suited to our needs as creative animation and VFX studios. We wanted to create an environment that our team would be inspired by, bringing people together, allowing them to talk more with people outwith their areas of expertise. It is important that our space is a reflection of our teams creative talents and our friendly collaborative nature.

Why Skypark? One of the reasons we were attracted to Skypark is that our own personal ambitions for what our space should deliver are similar ambitions to that of the Skypark team. The business campus vibe is perfect, lots of interesting facilities and events on the go all the time, from fitness to socials, all housed within a great building. What the Skypark offer extends our ambition to bring people together and do more than just work.

The Skypark location is also great, so much change has happened in Finnieston since I last worked here over 20 years ago. The area has a great mix of bars, restaurants and other facilities, perfect for our staff but also perfect for entertaining our clients. One other thing that has really made an impression on our clients are the amazing views across the north and south of Glasgow from our seventh floor space, everything is more inspiring when you are seven floors up!

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