Glasgow Tool Workshop Donation Drive

The Glasgow Tool Library, a social enterprise based at Civic House in Glasgow, is interested in designing cities differently, by using technology to embrace the sharing economy and to challenge the unsustainable relationship between use and ownership. Through Skypark’s Curatorial Fellowship 2019 with The Glasgow School of Art, the Glasgow Tool Library has teamed up with Skypark to make an appeal to the public and tenants for unwanted tools so as they can be given a new lease of life.

Chris Strachan, a founder of the Library, said: “Glasgow Tool Library works like a normal library, but instead of sharing books we share tools, for a small annual membership donation. Becoming a member of the tool library whether you are a gardener, new homeowner, artist or trades worker – can save you money and provide you with access to hundreds of tools.

“We want to challenge the perception of value and build a sustainable economy based on collaboration, inclusivity and sharing. We collect tools from those that no longer use them, repair and care for them and save them going straight to landfill. We also hold talks, workshops and events on topics such as DIY, the sharing and circular economy and sustainability. Our appeal for tools with Skypark is to challenge thinking and encourage people to make something new from unwanted items.”

The website – through which tools can be booked – is launching soon, and tool donations can be dropped off at Skypark reception between 12th and 16th August 2019. To find out more about membership with the library, please get in touch by contacting or meet the team at our August Social on Wednesday 7th August or in Skypark 5 on Tuesday 13th.