Breath Works & Meditation Workshop

A new workshop brought to you by our resident yoga practitioner Patricia Galavis.

During this new workshop we will explore different easy breathing techniques.

Breathing is the base of everything: techniques for its understanding and practice orientated to objectives performance, health and productivity.

Breathing is the connection between the body and the mind. The breath is disturbed and changes by the mind in an automatic way. Being the breath the only physiological process that can be either voluntary or involuntary, we can influence the mind by simply changing the breathing pattern. Emotions and breath are connected and through this program we will learn to control the emotions by controlling the breath.

The breathing exploration will leave us in a perfect state of mind to keep exploring our mind with some concentration techniques. This will set the basis so that meditation can happen to us.

At the end of the workshop you will receive a hand out with a description of the techniques practiced so that you can easily keep practicing at home.

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