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Clyde 1’s Superscoreboard Presenters in 325ft Zipslide For Cash For Kids

Clyde 1’s Superscoreboard presenters Gordon Duncan and Gordon Dalziel will soar 325 feet on a Zipslide from Skypark 3 onto the campus’s main car park on Thursday (13th October) to fundraise for Clyde Cash for Kids the charity that provides essential help to local families and the communities that need it most. 

Gordon Duncan host of Clyde 1’s Superscoreboard team said “The Skypark zipslide is an amazing fundraising experience and is open to anyone that wants to take the plunge with us, so please sign up now!  The money raised for Clyde Cash for Kids has a huge, positive impact on the thousands of children the charity supports throughout the year.”

Clyde Cash for Kids supports children and young people affected by poverty, abuse, neglect and those who have additional needs.  As a long-standing fundraising partner with Clyde Cash for Kids, Skypark has raised £40,000. 

Strategic lettings advisor Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “We’re thrilled to welcome the Clyde 1 Superscoreboard team, who are  joining  our massive push for Clyde Cash for Kids. With more families facing difficult choices every day, every penny raised  will go directly to local children in need.”

With cash raised locally, Clyde Cash for Kids guarantees that the generous donations made by fund raising will go towards bringing hope, healing and happiness to children in the community. It responds to the needs of children and aspires to enable all children to live life to the full and achieve their individual potential.

Donations can be made by signing up here

The Royal Photographic Society Annual Exhibition Now Open

Call for new art work for donated gallery space

The Royal Photographic Society  has opened its Scottish Annual Exhibition 2022 at Skypark business destination. The collection of work  by 35 of the Society’s members, captures all walks of life through a lens when travel was limited.

Under the banner ‘Photography for Everyone’, The Royal Photographic Society embraces all forms of photographic practice and is open to anyone with an interest in photography. 

A spokesperson for The Royal Photographic Society said: “This exhibition, by members of the Society in Scotland, shows a range of images selected by the members, illustrating the variety and quality of their photographic interests. Mostly produced in the last 12 months, when much of their normal travel and associations were limited, many have explored new skills and subjects. 

“The RPS offers many opportunities to develop as a photographer and interact with others. Most of these opportunities are open to all and range from the chance to have your work considered for major exhibitions to applying to receive funding for your next photographic project. If you are interested in photography, please contact David Ferguson by email on”.

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “The work of  The Royal Photographic Society is inspirational, and we are  delighted to welcome the exhibition to Skypark, where the photographers get the chance to exhibit beyond a traditional gallery space.  We encourage anyone that wants to exhibit here to get in touch by contacting” 

Catalogue of Images – Click Here Exhibition Dates – Click Here

This exhibition is on the move from 25th October. It will next be on show in Arbroath from 1st November.

The Royal Photographic Society: Scottish Annual Exhibition at Skypark Glasgow, Glasgow West End | What’s On Glasgow (

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The Royal Photographic Society: Scottish Annual Exhibition Now Open at Skypark | What’s On | The List

Sanjeev Kohli Stars in Back To The Office @ Skypark Comedy Sketches

Skypark, Glasgow’s premier business destination, has announced the signing of actor/comedian/writer Sanjeev Kohli to star in its first series of  Back to the Office comedy sketches, set to launch online and on social media this October. 

The sketches, called Back to the Office, are written by and feature Sanjeev Kohli are a humorous take on missing the everyday events from office life compared with working from home. In addition, it highlights the sense of community, camaraderie and wellbeing that comes from office life as part of the sketches. 

Sanjeev Kohli said:  “After the past 2 years, going back to the office has been a breath of fresh air, as we rediscover the sharing of ideas, demarking work from home, and having a laugh with friends. The sketches touch on these small events that we really miss when working from home. I hope that the sketches resonate and encourage a return to the workplace”.

Skypark’s Strategic Lettings Advisor, Angela Higgins of Resonance Capital said: “Sanjeev’s  sketches are a quirky and humorous take on returning to office life, making people aware that we have a supportive  community  here  for the companies that join us. Returning to the office can be  challenging and rewarding. We offer a network of wellness advisers, from promoting wellbeing initiatives to offering onsite therapies and supporting companies mental health strategies at work”.

Skypark’s Back to the Office sketches are written by Sanjeev Kohli, to preview click here: