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Skypark hosts showcase of the ‘World Animal Map’ after globally successful crowdfunding campaign

Nature inspired Art collection

During May and June 2017, Skypark’s gallery walls are offering views of the world’s countries by the diversity of its wildlife thanks to the remarkable work of a Scottish architectural designer who is living his dream of becoming an artist after a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

Danny Campbell of Hoko Design has morphed his hobby into a second career after donations from across the globe flew in to support his ‘World Animal Map’ project.  The 26-year-old more than doubled his target thanks to pledges from the Maldives, Singapore, Australia and now he’s set for his very first Glasgow exhibition in May at Skypark’s donated gallery space that supports Scotland’s artists.

A large canvas map showing an array of earth’s wildlife will be the focal point of the ‘World Animal Map’ exhibition.  Danny was inspired to create the pieces after working in Twycross Zoo as an enclosure designer, the home of the PG Tips chimpanzees.

He said: “I’ve always had an interest in nature, architecture and art but my time at Twycross gave me the opportunity to really explore these interests every single day.

“My job was to construct and design new habitats. However, I was drawn to the art gallery at the Zoo. I visited it every day. It gave me so many ideas for creating art inspired by animals.

“The project took an enormous amount of research to accurately place the different species and create the silhouettes to make the outlines.”

Danny’s most recent work, which also features in the exhibition, is closer to home and highlights Scotland’s native species such as ‘Glasgow Fox’ and ‘ Glencoe Stag’ within a merged landscape typical of their habitat.

Danny added: “I wanted to showcase how intertwined a natural landscape is to the species that live there and the fragility of that relationship.

“There’s something for everyone I hope that people of all ages will enjoy seeing my work. This only started as a hobby, but after the success on Kickstarter, I hope it can become something more. I love creating new work and I have been blown away by the interest so far.”

Skypark offers Scotland’s first business hotel concept, resulting in a cutting-edge campus, atmosphere and services from the Finnieston site.   The donated art gallery was established in 2011 to showcase art to thousands of workers as they go about their business.

Lisa Kirsop of Resonance Capital, who handles marketing and tenant services on behalf of Skypark Trustees comments:  “The donated gallery offers artists the chance to showcase their work beyond a traditional gallery space and gain some marketing support.  Danny Campbell’s work is at the cutting edge of where art and technology meet, showcasing the wonderful diversity of the world’s unusual animals as people go about their work.”

‘The World Animal Map’ exhibition is free and open to the public and will take place throughout May in Skypark 1. Prints are available to buy at  For more information: or phone 07775 444 391

Skypark Scoops Bronze Corporate Disc from Clyde Cash for Kids

Skypark, Scotland’s biggest business community has been awarded a Bronze Corporate Patron Disc to recognise their support for Clyde Cash for Kids in 2016.

Hugh Canham of Moorfield, Skypark’s asset manager said “Over the past 5 years our business community has pulled together to take part in our annual Zipwire and Abseil fundraising events for Cash for Kids, one of our chosen charities. Congratulations to all of our tenants who in total have helped raise over £3,000 with every penny donated to Cash for Kids.”

Nicola Norrie from Clyde Cash for Kids said: “The support received from Skypark goes a long way to ensuring children living in poverty in Glasgow and the West of Scotland are supported, whether it be through breakfast clubs in their school or community group grants or receiving an individual grant at Christmas time. We couldn’t do what we do without the help and support of local companies and businesses so our thanks go to everyone at Skypark who took part.”

Pictured: Hugh Canham of Moorfield Group, Skypark’s asset manager is presented with the Bronze Corporate Patron Disc by Nicola Norrie from Clyde Cash for Kids to recognise Skypark’s support in raising over £3,095 in 2016 for the Charity.