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Skypark Lights The Way In Electric Car Charging Points

Electric Car

Scotland's biggest business campus goes 'electric' in green energy initiative 

Skypark, Glasgow, is the first large-scale in-town business park in Scotland to install free electric car charging points for its tenants and visitors, as part of the ChargePlace Scotland initiative by the Scottish Government.

The initiative is in partnership with Skypark's new tenant Fleet Alliance, one of the UK's leading fleet management providers, who will support its running costs and Harry Fairbairn  BMW who are helping tenants to experience the range of electric vehicles that are available.

This new facility will add to Skypark's services in the business hotel concept with 5 star amenities from dry-cleaning to a nursery on-site. Angela Higgins, director of Resonance Capital, joint venture partner in Skypark, said: "We support many alternative modes of travel to work and regularly hold cycle and travel planning events. Now we are the first in-town business park to offer access to electric charging points for visitors and tenants. We hope that the ChargePlace initiative, with running costs supported by Fleet Alliance, will encourage our businesses to consider switching to electric cars."

Up to two electric cars can be charged at a time at the new charging points on the visitors' car parking deck. Charging will be cost-free and will typically take between three and four hours to complete.

Commenting on support for the initiative, Martin Brown, managing director of Fleet Alliance says: "We are delighted to partner with Skypark in our first EV charging point. As one of the UK's leading fleet management providers, our green fleet initiatives have helped reduce our clients' fleet C02 emissions by over 7.2 billion grams in the last six years. We are delighted to support the running costs of the charging point as part of our on-going initiative to encourage the take up of electric vehicles.  Alongside our local dealers such as BMW Harry Fairbairn, we can help clients to experience the exciting range of EV's that are available such as the new BMW i3 and i8."

Commenting on the installation, Stephen Rennie, Programme Manager, Scottish Transport of the Energy Saving Trust, said: "I would like to congratulate Skypark on the successful installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points, which will be accessible to tenants and those visiting Skypark tenants. Electric vehicle charging points are being installed across the country as part of a phased roll-out scheme which is targeted for completion in Spring 2015.

"Electric vehicle sales in Scotland are increasing year on year and we are currently seeing unprecedented interest in the funding available for charging points. This new facility for tenants and visitors should be a great incentive for those looking to switch to electric. With purchase costs of electric vehicles coming down and fuel costs of only 3p per mile, huge savings can be made with EVs."

A single twin unit F22 type was installed by Everwarm and the charging station will be capable of faster charging options, providing up to 22kW of power for electric car users who wish to charge their cars while they are at work.

Skypark received funding from the Scottish Government through Transport Scotland; private organisations can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to install a publicly-available charging point through the ChargePlace Scotland project.  Home-owners who own or use an electric or plug-in car can also apply for a free home charging unit.

For more information on the funding or to find out more about electric vehicles, visit www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland/EVs.

Pictured: Malcolm McFetridge, Skypark's Centre Manager and Hayley Wild from Fleet Alliance with the BMW i3 and i8, with thanks to Harry Fairbairn BMW Giffnock.

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